The X Factor 2007

The X Factor 2007

X Factor 2008The fourth series of the X Factor returned to our screens on the 18th August 2007 running up till the 15th December 2007.  This fourth incarnation saw a number of changes to the shows format, notably the lowering of the minimum age for participants from 16 to 14 and the increase in the number of categories from three to four resulting from the division of the under 25s into separate male and female categories, a fourth judge, Dannii Minogue was also added.

The biggest change from X Factor 2006 was the dismissal of the judge Louis Walsh and the main presenters Kate Thornton and Ben Sheppard.  Walsh was replaced by choreographer Brian Friedman and Thornton by Big Brothers Little Brother host Dermot O'Leary, Shepards replacement was Fearne Cotton.  However Walsh was quickly reinstated as a judge moving Friedman to be the shows choreographer.

The X Factor 2007 Finalists

Same DifferenceEach group of contestants had 3 finalists and these were each then mentored by one of the judges.  The winner of X Factor 2007 was Leon Jackson who went on to have the Christmas number one single 2007 with "When You Believe", the runner up was Rhydian Roberts.

Boys - Dannii Minogue

Girls - Sharon Osbourne

25 and Over's - Louis Walsh

Groups - Simon Cowell